Trident has established and built a world-class organization based on Quality Assurance using processes and documented procedures which allow customers to obtain products that meet all specifications. Our Quality team has a full understanding that the quality package is as important as the product that is being built and can provide documentation that meets all AS9100 and ISO13485 requirements. Trident continuously dedicates resources to quality control measures, so clients are fully confident that Part 1 off the line and Part 3,000 are identical. Superior consistency in its parts is the foundation upon which Trident has thrived.

quick turn

Trident has a specialized division that rapidly creates highly detailed models and prototypes. Clients often have an opportunity that demands responsiveness in a short timeframe, and that is exactly what Quick Turn provides. Whether the need is for rapid product turnaround, a new model, or a prototype, the Quick Turn coordinator will serve as your sole point of contact, streamlining each step of the project to oversee the project from start to finish in a remarkably brief length of time. Quick Turn is available for comprehensive product development or individual components.

value added

Our Value-Added solutions apply to Electro-Mechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies, allow for full product builds, and include shipping and distribution. New clients often bring a particular job order to Trident but stay on long term as they realize the Value-Added capabilities available to them. In a competitive global marketplace, each company needs to reduce the number of steps between crafting raw materials into final products. Trident’s expertise in all forms of fabrication, machining, assembly, and logistics fulfills that exact need.

Capabilities & Value Added

Since 1979, Trident Manufacturing’s capabilities have expanded as technology has advanced and the precision machining industry has evolved. Being a family-owned business, the company possesses a deep institutional memory as founder and CEO Nick Juskiw has passed his knowledge and vision to his son and current President Andy Juskiw. Trident’s genuine commitment to its workforce reinforces its consistency because of a low personnel turnover rate. The result is the highest quality standards and products in each of the following in-house services:

  • Precision Fabrication
  • Precision Machining
  • Electrical Assembly
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Product Development Testing
  • Product Development Certification
  • Certified Welding (MIG/TIG & Robotic)
  • Stamping
  • Turning
  • Painting (CARC)
  • Powder Coating
  • 165,000 sq. ft. of Manufacturing & Painting Facilities
Certifications – ISO-9001, AS9100; Compliant to ISO-13485, ITAR Registered; UL & CE Recognized
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About Trident

When Trident Manufacturing opened in 1979, founder and current CEO Nick Juskiw brought his manufacturing and business expertise to the forefront. Nick fully embraced one premise: Precision does not apply only to the manufactured parts. Commitment to precision communication with clients, with employees, and with suppliers is also essential. The result of this dedication? A 40-year legacy of the superior business practices. This heritage has been validated when Trident earned the Malcolm Baldrige National  Quality Award, a recognition rarely achieved in the Small Manufacturing sector.

In 2019, Nick’s son Andy Juskiw took over as President of Trident, proudly carrying on the company’s values and traditions. He skillfully navigates the company through the rapidly changing world of 21st century technical advancement.

More About Us


Trident Manufacturing serves every industry. The company has extensive experience in the complex sectors of Medical, Aerospace, Defense, Transportation, and Industrial. The precision demands for the intricate parts in each of these fields leaves absolutely no room for anything but the peak level of manufacturing.

Beyond the highest fabrication and machining standards, each of these industries requires meticulous record-keeping for every step involved in the manufacturing process. Trident is well versed in creating a detailed documentation trail that meets or exceeds all industry or governmental regulatory mandates.

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