Trident’s ability to manufacture in the healthcare industry extends from the smallest parts making up medical devices to supporting the most complex diagnostic systems. Our team has vast competency in the nuances of medical-sector fabrication, and a long history of working alongside designers and engineers in developing new technologies for the healthcare of the future. At Trident, our approach is straightforward: we work to simplify design and manufacturability to provide cost savings to our medical industry customers.

Trident has extensive experience in the manufacturing of these medical instruments:

Cancer Instrumentation
Laboratory Automation
MRI and CT Imaging
Blood & Tissue Analyzers
Mass Spectrometry
Molecular Spectroscopy
Components and products Trident manufactures include but are not limited to:
  • Implant trials and sizers
  • Pin Cutters hand-held
  • Bending irons
  • Slide and slap mallets
  • Depth gauges
  • External fixation clamps
  • Combination clamps
  • Drill and wire guides
  • Protection sleeves & ports
  • Aiming arms
  • T-handle drivers, ratcheting and couther-torque
  • Saw cutting guides
  • Distraction devices
  • External fixator components rods, plates connectors
  • Specialized Surgical Instruments